House Remodeling for Aging in Place

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Remodeling a house for aging in place seniors can help increase their overall safety at home, create a more accessible and functional environment and make the home space more enjoyable for all.

These projects are of actual home remodeling projects by industry professionals, and include whole house remodels, additions or remodel projects not classified in other sections.


Aging in Place House Remodeling Showcase


Flexhouse: Building A Home To Prepare For Aging In Place

Editor's Note: The Flexhouse is a project we're excited to highlight for you, from a seasoned designer that wanted to create a home that showcased the features that would help people as they grew … Read More >>

Universal Design Remodeling for the Whole House: Mark Scott

This is showcase is for a whole house Universal Design remodeling project. Bob and Robin needed a home with enough property to raise Robin’s horses and to accommodate Bob’s wheelchair. They found … Read More >>

Whole House Transformation into Universal Design Solution: Russ Glickman

Kathleen was injured in a car accident about 1 year before. Her house was far from accessible. An ugly platform lift up 5' to the front stoop was an eyesore to the block and it was improperly … Read More >>