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Reading up on some family caregiver information I found an interesting course overview for professional training at the AGID Project It has a specific focus on aging care for those with intellectual disabilities, but it got me thinking about what family caregiver training might be available for the average person with no experience that is thrust into a caregiving situation.

I started digging around and found a few resources, including :

Family caregiving training
Family caregiving training

I haven’t reviewed the ones listed above; merely providing some links that may be useful. I’m sure there are probably a lot more available online, especially from home care companies, which support family caregivers directly.

Of course, there also are options for more formal training, like something you would need for a CNA certification, but I think most people might find that type of training a little sterile feeling if they’re thinking about a family member.

I really like the idea of video training for family caregivers. I wonder if there is something out there that is in-depth, that could really help prepare a family caregiver for what they are going to face? One resource, with information that they can use in their moment of need.

If you know if something like that or other family caregiver training, post a comment. I’d like to check it out.

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing more about the AGID Project, you can have a look at their caregiving course they are creating.



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