Home Safety - Tips for a safe home

Home safety ideas, tips, prevention and more for aging in place seniors and caregivers.

Senior Safety with National Night Out

National Night Out takes place on the first Tuesday of August - this year, it’s August 1st. This is a nationwide community event in which you can learn more about police-sponsored programs in your area, such as neighborhood watch groups, drug prevention and safety … [Read more...]

7 Easily Eliminated Home Fire Hazards

  Home fire hazards pose a very real danger to older people. Losing eyesight, hearing, mobility, and/or memory can heighten the risk of causing a house fire. By taking some precautions, seniors can extend their ability to continue participating in activities they love … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Seniors

advertisement   It’s January, and it’s cold. Keeping warm is always an issue, but for seniors who may have poor circulation, take certain medications or have other conditions, it may be even more of a challenge. While turning up the heat may be the best and easiest way to … [Read more...]

Minor Bathroom Remodel for Safety

  How can a minor bathroom remodel improve bathing safety? In today’s society, aging in place is becoming easier than ever. A few modifications to some of the rooms in a home can make it both a comfortable and safe place to age. Many new products are on the market to make … [Read more...]

June is National Home Safety month!

  During this time, the Home Safety Council (HSC) is working to educate people how to keep their homes safe from accidents and injury. They have a lot of information available on their website for seniors who are aging in place. Safety at home is so important; especially … [Read more...]

Home Safety – Rails

When it comes to falls, using that 'ounce of prevention' is worth it's weight in gold. Keep an aging in place senior safe at home by implementing safety equipment installed by professionals. These videos describe a rail provided by Self Assist Rails that are used by seniors to … [Read more...]

Vibration May Reduce Risk of Falling for Seniors

Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australian may have found a way to reduce falls for older people. Sven Rees, a PhD student at the University, said that standing on a platform that vibrates for ten minutes or less could help seniors keep their balance better … [Read more...]