MisterProfessor Brings Mentoring, Friendship to Generations

  A little while back I stumbled on a very unique service out of Italy called MisterProfessor. The reason it caught my eye was how it addresses two distinct social issues with one service. Namely, young people that are in need of mentoring and older, more experienced people … [Read more...]

Myo Armband from Thalmic Labs

The Myo armband from Thalmic Labs is bent on changing how we interact with the devices in our lives. This armband, which slides up your forearm, fits snugly against your muscles and allows you to use gestures to control devices in your environment. In an interview with … [Read more...]

Kohler Nightlight Toilet Seat – Product Spotlight

  The Kohler Nightlight toilet seat is a relatively new product that tries to solve an old problem: How to use the bathroom at night without blinding yourself or waking your partner. The Kohler Nightlight toilet seat provides soft, ambient light via two LED lights … [Read more...]

Memory Problems and Dementia Help : GeriJoy Companion

  What if you could rest well knowing that your parent or loved one is being looked after? What if you knew the loved one had a companion he could talk to and interact with regularly? What if that loved one had a reminder system that could help him remember scheduled … [Read more...]

PathLights™ System from Archetype, Ltd.

  PathLights™ System is a new product, new technology that lights the pathway ahead. Almost every one of us has suffered some type of injury on the staircase in our own home (stubbed toe, twisted ankle, broken hip), or experienced a near-fatal fall. Often, the reason for … [Read more...]

GrandCare All in One Monitoring and Communication System

A virtual experience for seniors, family and caregivers that combines monitoring and communication in one system, the GrandCare System helps aging in place seniors remain independent and safe at home. Whether monitoring blood pressure, maintaining room temperatures or calling for … [Read more...]

TubcuT ® – Modify Your Existing Bathtub to Make it More Accessible

  The TubcuT® is an accessible bathtub conversion for existing fiberglass, steel, acrylic or cast iron bathtubs that creates a step through in your tub, allowing for easy access. The process creates a seamless appearance and, according to their website, the tub will look … [Read more...]