Retirement can be an amazing period in our lives. Most people look forward to the end of the long days at work and more time to do some things they enjoy. Whether your goals are more time with family or friends, travel or working with a local charity, your post-employment years can be very rewarding, full and enjoyable.

Planning is key

Many people think that retirement will bring dissatisfaction or or will somehow mean they are unfulfilled. To be honest, retirement is what you make it. And, as such, your planning with play a large part in how it turns out for you. When planning, be sure to talk with certified professional who can help you make good decisions about your health care, finances, lifestyle and other important aspects of your life.

Retirement articles to make it what you want

These retirement articles provide some information about planning & enjoying your after-full-time-work years. Use this educational information to help you continue to build your best life.


8 Ways To Make Retirement The Best Years of Your Life

Do you feel like you've already had the best years of your life? Or, are you still creating it as you go along ... filling each day with new experiences, learning, giving and living? We've all heard people talk about their retirement experience; some good, some not so good. But, what it will be … [Read More...]

Continuing Retirement Changes

A 2012 AARP study found that 72% of baby boomers approaching retirement will have to delay it for financial reasons. Half of boomers said they would likely have to work indefinitely. Retirement no longer means working for 40 years, then … Read More

Long term care insurance

  While making plans for the care you may need in the future, don’t forget to consider long term care insurance. Long term care insurance helps cover some costs of long term care, which may become necessary for as much as 70% of the … Read More

Early Long Term Care Planning

  So you are planning on aging in place. You’ve implemented a plan that has included home modifications to help you as you get older. Then, just as you feel proud and secure in your plan, you have new disabilities to consider. Just … Read More

What is Long Term Care?

  Long term care is a term used to describe the range of assistance a person might need to receive and can include medical care, custodial care or other services. This might be needed as a result of any long-term condition (i.e. stroke, … Read More

Life Settlements: An Introduction

As you may know, many seniors who are aging in place need more money to live comfortably through their golden years. This is especially true when faced with unforeseen expenses such as assisted living and long-term care. The urgency of finding a … Read More

The Five Key Risks All Retirees Face

by Jeff Helms, CFA Over the next twenty years, roughly 79 million Americans will cross the threshold to retirement, joining the millions of folks that are already retired. Welcome to what we call “Generation R”. The Retirement … Read More

Home Sharing in Retirement

A viable option for comfortable living In 2008, the United States witnessed the largest group of individuals in history become eligible for retirement. Approximately 25 percent of those individuals will rely entirely on social security … Read More

Will 401K’s still work?

After the recent turbulence in the financial markets experts are questioning the impact to our 401K’s.  Back in the 1980’s, the majority of workers enrolled in some type of retirement plan or were in a pension plan. Today, the majority are in a 401K. … Read More

Let’s Talk Retirement Plans

As a Boomer, you've spent many years working hard to improve yourself and your lifestyle. But, how financially prepared are you for retirement? The answers to this question will range from, "very prepared" to, "I'm never going to make it." If you are … Read More

Retirement, Financial Planning and Where We’re Headed

In this news item courtesy of Red Orbit, Anna Rappaport, FSA, MAAA, chair of the Society of Actuaries' Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks, takes a long, hard look at the concept of retirement. Spanning more years than it has in generations … Read More