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Mark Hager

Mark Hager


Mark Hageran information technology veteran and aging in place thought leader and advocate, is the founder of AgeInPlace.com, a resource for Baby Boomers, older consumers, business owners and organizations to learn more about the aging in place movement. He teaches people how they can utilize Universal Design, home remodeling, assistive technology, community-based programs, financial planning,  health care and other products and services to continue living in the home of their choice as long as they are able. Thus, putting off as long as possible the transition to some form of assisted living.

As Mark’s parents approached their 70’s, he began to explore how people their age could continue living at home and have everything they needed to maintain their quality of life. After learning about the Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation from the NAHB, he began several years of study on the aging Baby Boomers and the impact their aging would have on communities across the globe. What was born from that study was a passion to educate people everywhere about the possibilities of aging in place.

Mark Hager, CEO of Age in Place Networks, is a leading authority in the aging in place niche and a trusted voice for both consumers and business owners in the industries associated with the aging in place movement.

Today, Mark runs one of the most respected websites about aging in place. Business owners continent-wide to seek his counsel and knowledge to help them start or grow their companies that serve older consumers. He has counseled hundreds over the years who were looking for information to help a loved one or build their own aging in place plan. He has even consulted with foreign governments. Many in the aging-related industries have referred to him as a “thought leader” and “visionary”.

Mark is probably most well-known among his peers as someone who holds close the ideal of a more holistic approach to aging; one that is founded on realistic objectives and quality of life, and is centered on the community and the people that live there. More importantly, he stresses the importance of the responsibility the individual has to proactively plan for their own futures. He also works with local business owners, manufacturers, tech startups and organizations across North America to help them understand the growing 50+ consumer market, reach these consumers, and create marketing and services that speak to their real needs.

Aaron Murphy

Aaron MurphyAaron D. Murphy is a businessman and an entrepreneur, as well as a philanthropist in his community. Aaron’s career has been extensive and continuous in the fields of architecture and real estate for over 18 years, and he has owned both a real estate investing company and now his own architecture firm. Aaron is also a “Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist” (CAPS certification through NAHB). To learn more about this program, please visit ADM Architecture’s Aging in Place page.

Aaron has been public speaking on a regular basis for 4+ years, with his most requested presentation being “The Aging In Place Phenomenon – How to Live Happily Ever After in Your Own Home”. This 30 minute speech discusses the future of residential housing related to the bulging ‘Baby Boomer’ population, and how we can live a longer and happier life by staying in our own home as long as possible. He’s spoken to rooms of 250+ including mayors, legislators, city council members, city and county planners, real estate developers, and real estate agents. He’s also spoken to smaller rooms including Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and similar clubs, as well as trade associations.

Murphy brings his passion, expertise, and sense of humor to the stage with his “A-game” every single time! Audience members have commented “That was one of the most memorable speakers I’ve ever seen on stage”, and “Wow – Informative and truly entertaining at the same time!”. Murphy has been interviewed for articles, and has been a contributing author to websites, blogs, magazines and newspapers across the nation. He has also done podcast interviews with some of the nations thought leaders in his industry on the most topical, timely, valid and valuable topics to his community, from Maryland to Texas to Portland. He recently joined other thought leaders on the national stage in Chicago to present at the ASA “Aging In America” conference in March, 2013.

Murphy also is the co-host of a live radio show called “Encore Living” in the Seattle, Wa. market, which started on-air in September, 2012 at 1150am KKNW. In May 2013 He and the show’s originator opted to change to a web-based radio format to reach a larger nationwide audience. Encore Living Radio can now be found on BlogTalkRadio, airing live every Tuesday from 9am to 10am Pacific Time. All of the archived shows and expert guests they interview can be found there as well.