Jan Herdman – Seattle, WA

Aging in place services We do home and work site assessments for accessibility. We look at for both physical and cognitive issues, and make recommendations for changes, adaptive equipment, and services needed to allow the senior to remain at home/work for as long as … [Read more...]

Jim Costello – Pittsburgh, PA

Aging in place services Jim Costello of Affordable Adaptive Solutions provides full service adaptable and accessible design and construction in Pittsburgh, PA., for residential and business customers. We have a specific focus on people living with disabilities, mobility issues … [Read more...]

Imagine The Future of Aging

If you are at all curious about the technologies being developed right now to help older people aging in place, you need to watch this video. Brought to you by the Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) and hosted by Jeff Bridges, this video will open your eyes to the very … [Read more...]

What are Assistive Devices?

Assistive devices are technology products, such as adaptive or rehabilitation devices, geared towards providing greater independence to those with disabilities or limited abilities. These products can assist people with a variety of things, including communication, mobility, … [Read more...]

New iShoe Could Prevent Falls

From the "This is why we paid for our kids to go to college" department comes a story about the iShoe that can help seniors aging in place. This incredible new piece of equipment could help physicians discover problems with balance before a fall actually happens. The model the … [Read more...]