Americans Say Aging Population is Not a Major Problem … but Don’t Believe Them

  Yesterday, as part of the Global Attitudes Project, Pew Research released the results of a global study done to find out people's attitude on aging. The project is entitled, "Attitudes About Aging: A Global Perspective." Overall, this report is fascinating. It goes … [Read more...]

Late Life Depression (Infographic)

  Late life depression is a very serious issue, and is more common in seniors and the elderly than you may know. Sadly, not nearly enough people suffering from depression get the help they need so they can lead richer, more rewarding, lives. Depression that comes later … [Read more...]

“Are You OK?” Elderly Check In Service

Norfolk County Sheriff's Office & Fallon Ambulance Service, Dedham, MA In an effort to bring peace of mind to the elderly and families in their community, the Norfolk County Sheriff's Department and the Fallon Ambulance Service offer a daily call service that checks in with … [Read more...]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Elderly Family Or Friends

There are only a few more days to pick up those last minute Christmas gifts for elderly family members. It can be tough buying gifts for people who seem to have everything or have little need for unnecessary things. So, if you're still in search of a meaningful gift, here are a … [Read more...]

PathLights™ System from Archetype, Ltd.

  PathLights™ System is a new product, new technology that lights the pathway ahead. Almost every one of us has suffered some type of injury on the staircase in our own home (stubbed toe, twisted ankle, broken hip), or experienced a near-fatal fall. Often, the reason for … [Read more...]

What is elder care?

  This is a fairly simple explanation for the question, "What is elder care?" Elder care is best defined as any number of personal care and health care services available to seniors that are tailored to help meet their needs as they age. Services can include everything … [Read more...]

Accessible Bathroom Counters & Cabinets – Photos

Accessible bathroom counters make your bath more user friendly & convenient. You might think that a counter is just a counter; nothing could be further than the truth. There are many ways to think about accessibility when thinking about remodeling your bathroom. For … [Read more...]