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  The senior cell phone market has older consumers embracinge use of cell phones in their daily lives. They are adopting them like everyone else; they talk, text, surf the Internet and for emergencies. They have become a convenie thnce and an important tool for people aging in place.

The problem in the past has been finding cell phones that enabled older folks to use them. Where are all the phones that are easy to use? Well, they're here. At least some of them.

If you are looking for a phone for yourself or for an aging parent, you've come to the right place. We're curating an ever-growing list of cell phones that were made specifically for seniors.

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Senior Cell Phone Choices

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Is This a Senior Cellphone?

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a superstar among Android phones. It is fast, powerful and has amazing graphics. In all of the senior cellphones we've covered, we've never delved into smartphones … Learn More

Jitterbug Touch 2

advertisement The Jitterbug Touch 2, the latest senior cell phone from GreatCall, is packed full of features and services that will appeal to older adults wanting a smartphone, but not all the bells … Learn More

Giving A Senior Cell Phone For Christmas

A senior cell phone for Christmas could be the perfect gift for one of your parents or a family friend this year. If you are like me, figuring out what you're going to get your mom, dad or senior … Learn More

Jitterbug Plus

The Jitterbug Plus is another contender in the senior cell phone arena and follows in the footsteps of the other Jitterbug cell phones. Some of the features this phone has include a bright color … Learn More

Just5 J510 Senior Cell Phone

advertisement The Just5 J510 senior cell phone is fairly new to the market and is a re-design of the Just5 J509. This upgraded phone boasts a brighter, modern icon and symbol design, and comes in a … Learn More

4 Senior Cell Phone Contenders

With so many senior cell phones on the market today, it is difficult to know which one to choose. To help you get a better idea of the cell phones that are available, their features & what kind of … Learn More

Free phone for seniors

Please Note: We do not provide a free phone for seniors or administer phone programs. You Must Verify Eligibility at the Lifeline website. A free phone for seniors seems unlikely. In reality, though, … Learn More

Cell Phone for Seniors : Clarity Pal

Cell phone for seniors just got a little more exciting with the Clarity Pal. This is one of several new hearing aid compatible phones for the elderly and it has a host of features that are sure to … Learn More

Senior Cell Phones – Just5 Simple Features

Senior cell phones are becoming more popular. Seniors and elderly folk are warming up more to these cell phones as their choices as to the phones available grow. One of these choices is the Just5 and … Learn More

Senior Cell Phones – Samsung C3060R

Samsung has done something few other companies have done: they created a senior cell phone that looks like a standard cell phone. The Samsung C3060R, with it's sleek and slim design, has large text … Learn More

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