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Elderly Depression Causes

Elderly depression [1] causes many issues for older adults. The chance for depression increases as we age. Aging can deliver physical, financial, spiritual and mental challenges some of which may be difficult to deal with. Many life changes such as health problems or fixed income issues can get seniors down once in a while, but when a senior doesn’t enjoy his usual activities or the “blues” continue on for a long period of time, he may require help for clinical depression.

Elderly Depression Causes[/caption]Experiencing symptoms such as a lack of energy [2], confusion, grumpiness, irritability, mood changes and forgetfulness may seem like symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other diseases and conditions related to getting older, but all can be signs of depression. It is important to identify elderly depression causes because often times it goes undiagnosed due to the symptoms seeming like part of the “normal” aging process or a change such as in medication.

There are many causes and risk factors that contribute to depression in older adults and the elderly.

Elderly Depression Causes

Elderly depression causes

Identifying elderly depression causes can help keep you or your loved one from suffering. If you are a senior or a caregiver, identify depression by checking for these depression causes and risk factors, finding ways to cope with each of them and seeking medical assistance if necessary.

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