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Aging in Place Kitchens Photos

Aging in place kitchens are ones that meets the usability needs of the people that use it. Preparing your kitchen for your later years in life takes a little planning [1], but you can create something amazing with a little inspiration. An amazing kitchen isn’t just about food, either. It is about safety, ease of use & enjoyment.


Aging in place kitchens photos

These kitchen photos from Pinterest [2] are ones that we think display some of the best functionality, usability & design quality available. Options such as roll-out cabinets, roll-under sinks, pull-down shelves, lever handled faucets, non-slip flooring, open spaces, proper lighting & more are showcased in these photos.

Kitchens can be magical

Older kitchens or those that don’t have Universal Design or accessible amenities are not nearly as functional. However, kitchen remodeling for aging in place can transform yours into something remarkable & totally change how you do your daily food preparation tasks. That sounds so clinical… how about, they can help make your time in the kitchen fun again?