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1 Simple Trick Hides Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Everything but the kitchen sink

Everything but the kitchen sink might be a slight exaggeration, but this is still a great tip that I use every day. I said I would share ideas [1] here, even the small ones. Here’s a great tip that can be found all over the Internet, and here’s how I used the idea to solve a problem at our house.

One of our biggest problems to us in our home is the clutter all over the kitchen counters. I can’t stand it. We love to cook and utilize every inch in our kitchen. Recently, I got rid of most of the clutter [2], but it is a continual effort as it always seems to creep back.

One of the things I can’t stand the most is a dirty-looking sponge on our sink – along with a very large dish soap container, a metal soap bar to help reduce smells on your hands and a sink plug we don’t hardly use. Talk about clutter everywhere!

Hide everything but the kitchen sink

There have been several ideas floating around including a cute cake stand holding all of the sink stuff in one place. Great idea – but after a couple of months looking for the perfect plate to fulfill this task, I decided that still didn’t work for me. It was something else on the counter. Then I looked into these really neat conversion kits that convert your fake under sink “drawers” into real drawers. Well, I loved this idea, but to tell the truth … I’m just not that handy.

Finally, I went off to the dollar store to find just the thing I needed. I purchased some very tiny plastic hooks with the sticky backs and a pack of 3 long, narrow baskets. Without measuring, of course, I stuck the hooks on the inside of the cabinet door and hung one of the baskets on them. I put our sponge and other small items in the basket. I stood the sponge on end a bit so there is no getting mildew on anything. Our soap fits neatly under the sink right in reach.

OK – simple idea, I know, but I also thought how nice this could be for someone [3] who can’t reach behind the faucet or who can’t bend down all of the time to a bin under the sink. This trick would even work great for a roll under sink with cabinet doors.

This idea has been great for all of us. None of us have to reach over dirty dishes for supplies, and I have a cleaned off sink!

Oh, and I used the other baskets for other solutions, so those didn’t go to waste. You will see them pop up in other posts.

How do you solve your kitchen sink clutter problem? Tell me about it in the comments … I’d love to see a picture!