Aging in Place Homes

  Finding aging in place homes isn't as simple as you might think it would be. The right home is important for good reason; so much time is spent there. It is also one part of your environment that you have more control over.

A part of your plan should be preparing the home of your choice to meet your needs while aging in place. That is, aging in place homes provide for a more safe and comfortable living experience. By doing so, you will improve your quality of life and enjoyment of your life at home.

Home remodeling

Home remodeling is just one part of an aging in place plan. Many times it is one of the first things people think about. Mainly due, of course, because some of the first impacts of aging are felt at home. Projects can range from simple to complex, and all should be approached with safety in mind.

Ideas for aging in place homes

There are other things that can be done to create aging in place homes. (Other than home remodeling, mentioned above.) Changes in your home can help make your house more safe and easier to use. Our Aging in Place Home Ideas section offers room-by-room examples and ideas for your home..

Home Remodeling Showcase

The Home Remodeling Showcase is an ever- growing collection of actual aging in place projects to help create aging in place homes. These bathrooms, kitchens & whole house remodeling projects were performed and submitted by professionals. Each project has descriptions and photos. 

Real Estate

Many of today's seniors would like to downsize or find aging in place homes. Finding the right home to age in place in can be tricky, given the many issues that should be considered. These real estate articles can help sort through questions and introduce you to professionals that can help make it easier.

Home Safety

Safety in the home is one of the most important considerations for seniors aging in place. Falls are the most common form of accidents in the home.  Prevention of falls and other types of accidents need to be a top priority.

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