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Please read these submission instructions in their entirety for important information.

We are actively seeking articles, article series, ideas, videos and video series in the areas of construction, finance, medical care, mental health, physical therapy, real estate, interior design and others where aging in place needs are being met.

Submitting your article

You will need to follow the steps below for each article you submit to be considered for publishing.

Step 1: Your Article

Write a 750 – 1000 word article. Articles less than 750 words are rarely considered. Also, please familiarize yourself with the content already on our site. Submissions that duplicate or do not compliment existing content, or articles that are not geared toward the interests of our readers, will not be considered for publishing.

Step 2: Photos (optional)

You may also submit images you have retained the rights to use along with the article submission. If you do, we require proof of license before we will use it. However, we  will generally only choose to publish images that are original works by the author or through a creative commons license (CC). Typically, unless the topic requires us to use images you submit, we will choose images to be used.

Step 3: Author Bio

Create a bio for the author:

  • Author name
  • 2-sentence bio
  • Website link
  • Author photo

Step 4: Submit

Send all of this information in an email to “”. Please use the subject “Article Submission“.

We look forward to your submissions! If you have any questions, please contact us.


1. Please do your homework. Make sure you’ve reviewed our site and content. Articles that are not focused on the people we serve will not be considered.

2. Please allow us sufficient time to review your material. Should any questions arise, an editor will be in contact with you via the email address you provide.

3. Our acceptance of your submission does not guarantee we will publish it. Authors will retain copyrights to all of their work.

4. We typically only publish works that are original. If you’ve created something amazing that’s published somewhere else, we may ask that you collaborate with our editorial staff to re-work the article.

5. Your article will be edited for readability, style and SEO by our Editorial team.

6. Links in articles are allowed at our discretion. If you submit with links included, they may or may not be included. (Specifically, links that don’t make sense might be viewed by search engines as spam or paid, or are not in context of the article, etc.) If there are links you would prefer we leave in, please let us know ahead of time and talk with you about any issues.

By submitting your article for consideration, you are agreeing to these stipulations. 

If you have any questions about this, please let us know before you submit your article.