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Aging in Place Planning

Aging in place planning can help you, your family and your community. It is a good solution for many people for a period of time in their life. It isn’t the answer to every problem you will have as you age, nor will it guarantee that your family or community will not face difficulties in meeting your needs in the future. As mentioned earlier, aging in place planning it is about you taking on the responsibility to control your life and any needed care.

Aging in place planning means action

You’ve probably heard the saying, “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.” Well, it’s especially true in the case of aging in place. Having a plan means you have prepared (and empowered) yourself, your household and your family to deal with the issues you are going to face as you age.

Aging in place planning

Aging in place planning for seniors

There are many aging in place planning resources available to you in your community to assist with developing a solid plan – from Certified Aging in Place Specialists to financial planning assistance to long-term, multi-faceted care arrangements. These and other resources can be brought in to play to help you create a detailed, holistic approach to your aging in place needs.

The focus of your plan should be control; control of your environment, your care, your dignity, your comfort and your quality of life. The primary goal should be to create a plan that enables you to stay in your home as long as you are able, ensures your needs are met and supports your independence.