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Keeping Healthy Teeth As You Age 

Through the years, your teeth get a lot of use. It’s important to take time for good dental hygiene while you’re young and becomes even more important as you age. Keeping healthy teeth can help you avoid dentures, prevent many dental problems, and even improve the quality of your overall health. Medical studies have found that tooth decay is linked to serious medical … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression Facts: How to Help an Elderly Person With Depression

This recent infographic on elderly depression facts and how to help an elderly person with depression was prepared by Juno Medical. Elderly depression is estimated to be the leading cause of health issues and disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. A sharp increase in the number of people with depression over a 10-year period was reported by the WHO … [Read more...]

How To Improve Posture As You Age

As you age, your spine changes. It can lose thickness and elasticity, which affects your posture and overall health. Strengthen your spine, improve your posture and age gracefully with the following tips. Why Is Posture so Important? Poor posture affects your body in several ways: It causes you to slouch and allows your back muscles and bones to shift, increasing pain and … [Read more...]

Vestibular Disorder, Vertigo And Falls – Infographic

Vestibular disorders affect the parts of the inner ear and brain that process sensory information, which are tasked with controlling balance and eye movements (vestibular system). If this system succumbs to disease or is injured, then problems with balance or dizziness can happen, and falls can occur. Vestibular disorders also can be a result of, or be made more pronounced … [Read more...]

Healthy Aging: What Happens If You Don’t Get The Right Nutrients?  

While good nutrition is important at every age, it is especially important for healthy aging. Older adults have special nutritional needs, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and many people do not get the nutrients they need to stay active and healthy. In a perfect world, you would get all the nutrients you need through the food you eat. Unfortunately, the … [Read more...]