Aging in Place Communities

Aging in Place Communities

Aging in place communities mean choices. And, we’ve established that aging in place is about choices. One of those choices is what community you live in. Choosing the right community for you is very important as it will have real impact on your quality of life as you continue to get older. Your ability to get from one place to another, the services you can have provided (both in and out of the home… including medical care), your ability to socialize with other people and community resources you have available are a few of the things that need to be considered.

Now, many people may say they do not wish to leave their current community and that is understandable. However, since the goal of aging in place is to maintain control over you life and the quality of it, this may be a choice you need to make. Here are a few things you need to consider when deciding to stay in your current community or when choosing a new one.

Resources found in aging in place communities

Aging in place communities

Aging in place communities

Aging in place communities offer the resources that a person needs to keep enjoying their lives, while staying healthy and happy. Here are a few resources you should keep in mind when choosing a community.

Places of learning – Places where you can continue to expand your mind, learn and grow as an individual. These might include libraries, universities, colleges, trade schools or even other community organizations that offer some type of instruction.

Faith-based institutions – Where you can be with people of similar faith, and continue to learn and grow.

Socialization – Clubs, centers or other organizations that provide for social activities, friendships or volunteer opportunities.

Transportation – At the point you are no longer driving (or don’t want to), are there sufficient transportation options, such as ride-shares, buses, trains or other mass transit.

Services – Home maintenance, delivery services for groceries, shopping services or any other service that might help you continue to maintain your quality of life.

Health – Are there sufficient medical facilities or in-home medical care companies, including doctors, hospitals, outpatient or emergency care?

Assisted Living – When you do get to the point where you require moving to some sort of assisted living, are  there sufficient options in your community?

Shopping – Stores where you can buy groceries, clothing or other items you need. Having one that delivers to your home is a plus.

Home services – Maintenance, lawn care, house cleaning, personal care or cooking are some services that you may need in the future.

Aging in place communities will have these types and other services that will fill your future needs for assistance. In most cases, there are people who can help you keep up with all the things that you might not be able to do (or, do safely). And, in some cases, you may be able to acquire some of these services for little-to-no cost, depending on your financial situation. In most every city there are agencies, civic groups, churches or others that provide needs-based services.