The Right House for You for Aging in Place

The Right House for You

Many times, finding the right house for you is the first exposure people have to the idea of aging in place. They hear you have to modify your home to continue living there as you age or that they need to move to a more appropriate house. In most homes there are things that can present a problem for you as you grow older. However, home remodeling is only one part of preparing your existing home for aging in place.

There are several areas of concern when it comes to preparing your home to aging in place, including the ability to get in and out of your home easily and safely, home safety (for everyone), the ability to move around inside your home easily and safely, and easy access to the things you need and use in your daily life. Finding the right house for you means you have taken care of all of these and more, by modifying your home and making changes to suit your particular needs.

Remodeling to get the right house for you

The right house for you

The right house for you

The truth is that not all homes are the same and neither are the people that live in them. So, despite what you might think, totally renovating your home in one fell swoop is not always necessary.  (Well, not if you start early enough; that’s where the beauty of having a good plan in place comes in.)

To help you learn more about what can (or, in some cases, should) be done to your home, we have compiled a more in-depth look at what the right house for you might be like. These resources will help explain not only what is possible, but also why it could be important for you.

Our Home Remodeling section provides an in-depth look at why home remodeling is an important part of aging in place. You can also see Aging in Place Home Ideas, which provides room-by-room examples and ideas for home remodeling and your home life to create a more safe and easy-to-use environment for aging in place. Then, there is the Home Remodeling Showcase, where you can see actual home remodeling jobs built for people just like you by professionals across the United States. Each includes photos and a brief description of each.

Buying the right house for you

If you can’t remodel the home you have, perhaps buying one better suited for aging in place and your particular needs is the right choice. It should be noted that most existing homes you will find to buy will not have every feature you need to help you maintain your quality of life as you grow older. But, you can find them with many of the features you need and, as mentioned above, you can remodel to get the rest.

Professionals who can help

There are professionals in your community that can help you with home remodeling, organization and safety for aging in place. Occupational Therapists, Certified Aging in Place Specialists, home remodeling contractors, Senior Real Estate Specialists and others can not only help you identify things in your home that you should change now (or in the future) and help coordinate the work that needs to be done.

These professionals will talk with you, assess your home and lifestyle, then make suggestions that can help you live in safety and comfort.