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Money is an important topic to most people; especially those who are wanting to keep enjoying life, but aren't working anymore. (Or, aren't working as much.)

Here we have articles specifically about money:

- How to make more money.

- How to save money.

- How to make your money go farther.

- Retirement planning.

You can learn more about making the most with your money and living your best life.

10 Jobs for Retirees Who Want to Work at Home

For retirees, there are many reasons why you might want to return to the world of work. Maybe you just want a bit of extra money for a holiday later in the year. Perhaps you’re just looking for something to do, or maybe you just want to try something new while earning a bit of cash on the side. Whatever your reason, you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t want to return to … [Read more...]

Senior Scams: Common Types & How to Identify Them – Infographic

Senior scams are big business for scammers. In the world of scamming, older consumers are targeted more than any other age group.Now, the upside of that (if you can call it that) is that older folks lost less money than their younger counterparts. (You might have seen a recent article by the AARP discussing that.) But, don't rest on those laurels; scammers make millions … [Read more...]

Be Aware of ID Thieves: How to Spot Them and Counter Them

It is sad to say, but older people are often the primary targets of fraudsters. Seen as trusting and a soft touch, liars, scammers, low grade sales reps, ID thieves and even some charities will try to squeeze what they can out of people who are older. Independence is vital to many people; especially those wanting to age in place, in their homes. And, this means you … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Tackling Debt During Retirement

If you've spent a lifetime working, then you're probably looking forward to a stress-free, relaxing retirement. Don't let financial woes hang over your head and threaten to put a damper on your retirement years. By tackling debt, you can set yourself up for an enjoyable, rewarding post-career lifestyle. This is true whether you're still working or you've already pulled … [Read more...]

6 Ways a Daily Money Manager Can Set You Up for a Smooth Retirement

If you’re preparing for retirement, there are a few key steps a Daily Money Manager can help you take to ensure a smooth, successful transition. As a Daily Money Manager, I help people with all sorts of personal financial tasks. This includes everything from paying day-to-day bills to organizing insurance claims and tax records. I’m often asked to help individuals or … [Read more...]