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Elderly Phone Scams

There are a slew of new elderly phone scams being used to trick older people out of money. One such is called the Grandparent Scam. According to True Link Financial, scams like these cost older people an estimated $36 billion in a given year.


These new elderly phone scams have a unique way of getting older folks to part with their money … they prey on their emotions.

Essentially, a scammer will place a call to an elderly person and start the call by calling the person “grandma” or “grandpa”, tell them some kind of story about being in some kind trouble, then fish for other information from the person they’re talking with to keep the lie believable.

Elderly phone scamsThen, the scam artist asks for money (typically via wire transfer), then asks that they don’t tell their parents to keep them out of trouble.

This and other types of elderly phone scams are predatory and despicable. And, we want to make sure that none of your parents (or, yourself) get taken in by these criminals.

More about elderly phone scams

You can learn more about this particular type of phone scam over at the Grandparent Scam resource page on the CallerSmart website. Including, more information about this type of scam, and what to do if you have been taken advantage of by criminals using it.

Please use that information and share it, so we can reduce the number of people being taken advantage of, and lessen the ability of these scammers to hurt older people financially.



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