6 Ways a Daily Money Manager Can Set You Up for a Smooth Retirement

If you’re preparing for retirement, there are a few key steps a Daily Money Manager can help you take to ensure a smooth, successful transition. As a Daily Money Manager, I help people with all sorts of personal financial tasks. This includes everything from paying day-to-day bills to organizing insurance claims and tax records. I’m often asked to help individuals or … [Read more...]

Long term care insurance

  While making plans for the care you may need in the future, don’t forget to consider long term care insurance. Long term care insurance helps cover some costs of long term care, which may become necessary for as much as 70% of the population over age 65. Whether you experience gradual decline of abilities or suffer a sudden illness or disability, long term care … [Read more...]

10 Steps You Can Take to Get the Coverage You Deserve

Health insurance costs are rising at an alarming rate. According to a 2005 survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, employee premiums have increased 70% since 2000. During the same period, wages rose just 15%. Unfortunately, while insurance costs are rising, the medical claims processing system remains highly complex, resulting in individuals not receiving coverage … [Read more...]

Blue Cross gives medical records access via cell phone

Parents or people providing care for elderly parents will have a new way to carry personal health records and provide them to physicians. Blue Cross of Northeast Pennsylvania is providing an application for cell phones to it's insured. The first wave of patients have been given access to it and it allows them to add their own information. The next phase will attach directly to … [Read more...]