How to Pay for Aging in Place

Dorothy said it right in the Wizard of Oz: There's no place like home. You deserve the dignity and peace of being able to stay in your own home for as long as possible, but in many cases, the financial burden of necessary modifications to your home and in-home care may seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are options available that will allow you to pay for the modifications and … [Read more...]

How State Long-Term Care Services and Supports Measure Up

  A look at the Long-Term Care Services and Supports Scorecard, 2014. In the next few years, our nation faces an upsurge of older adults living longer with debilitating chronic conditions. Their need for specialized long-term care will soar and place new demands on health care and support systems. And adding more demand on care systems is the decline of family … [Read more...]

Long Term Care Government Policy Possibilities : LeadingAge Pathways

The potential long term care government policy information in the video below is very important for us as consumers and citizens. The LeadingAge Finance Reform Task Force recently produced a comprehensive report identifying 7 possible pathways our nation can take to change how we plan and pay for long-term care. Since long term care is something that most everyone … [Read more...]

Long Term Care Facts – Infographic

  This long term care facts infographic is part of our series, "Why we have to figure out aging in place". In the series, we are exploring topics that relate to aging in place which we feel are going to be major obstacles for people. Specifically, things that are going to affect the quality of life for older folks in the United States in the coming years. With … [Read more...]

Long Term Care for Seniors Slideshow From Kaiser Family Foundation & JAMA

  We are hearing more and more about long term care for seniors. It is no wonder, either, with the number of retired Baby Boomers growing. They, along with everyone else, should be keenly interested in protecting their health, family and lifestyle during a period of need. This is what long term care planning can help you do. This slideshow, entitled A Short Look At … [Read more...]