Is there ever a good time to talk about after life arrangements?

Remember when our parents, in their frustration said, “Talking to you is like talking to a wall!?” Most of us laughed and thought nothing much of it. My, how the tables have turned! Now, we are also parents. And, like many of my clients, we want to speak about end-of-life planning, wills, powers of attorney and other such pertinent matters. It’s now our kids who are … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning – 30 Questions You Should Ask To Plan For Your Future

Retirement planning doesn't stop the day you retire. It continues as your life unfolds. As such, it's important for you to talk with your adult children or other family members about what you want for your life now, and in the future. It's important for you, since it's your life that you're planning for. However, it's also important for our nation. The fact is, the Baby … [Read more...]

FireAvert Interview With Peter Thorpe – Smart Retirement Life

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life we are talking about FireAvert, a new product that helps protect your family and your home from fires. Mark Hager interviews Peter Thorpe, the Founder of FireAvert, and a career firefighter and paramedic. FireAvert is an incredible product; you won't believe how simple and effective it is! Peter tells us all about the FireAvert … [Read more...]

How Aging in Place is Like Being a Girl Scout

  The Girl Scouts have had an incredible positive influence on the lives of millions of women. And, with good reason: they teach girls to be good citizens and inspire them to be the absolute best they can be. You might think it odd to find an article about the Girl Scouts on a site that focuses on the latter years of one's life. However, I think you'll quickly see that … [Read more...]

6 Things You Have to Know for Successful Aging in Place

  In this video, Mark Hager discusses 6 ideas you need to understand for successful aging in place. Great for your personal planning or for a friend. It can help you achieve your age in place goals. Please share with your friends, relatives or online networks.   We've included the full video below, as well as the complete article that details each of the points in … [Read more...]