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Memorial Day 2014

Today is Memorial Day 2014 and on this day we remember the ones that lost their lives while serving in the military. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice  to win and keep our freedom; thank you. You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Remember to take time to reflect on how their gift to you has affected your … [Read more...]

Voice Controlled Lighting

Using voice controlled lighting in your home automation system can provide a new level of interaction with your home. By speaking to your home, you can turn on on a light, lower the temperature of your home, turn on your favorite music or a host of other commands. This could be particularly useful for aging in place, with advantages such as not having to walk across a room … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Is This a Senior Cellphone?

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a superstar among Android phones. It is fast, powerful and has amazing graphics. In all of the senior cellphones we've covered, we've never delved into smartphones of this caliber. Mainly, because many of them are so complicated. So, we're looking at the Galaxy S4 in a different way: Is it a gadget seniors would want to use? We think many … [Read more...]

Automatic Stair Lighting

  Automatic stair lighting is one way to use automation to increase home safety. Stairs are one of the most dangerous places in a home for an older person aging in place. Which is why we're big believers in living on one floor. But, stairs are a reality and making them safe for everyone is a prudent choice. In most of the new systems, LED lighting is used. These lights … [Read more...]

Samsung Smart Home Demo Video

From the Samsung Smart Home booth at CES 2014 comes the home automation system by Samsung. This system allows devices to connect through a single platform, which is the foundation for the home automation control. Items in the home, including lights, temperature and other appliances, can be controlled with the system. In the video you will see a TV, music, lights, appliances, … [Read more...]