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Types of Grants Available to Seniors for Home Renovations

Learn about the types of grants available to renovate a home. The changes to a home made with these funds can help prepare your home for later life. Renovations to all homes are needed periodically. Everything from kitchen ranges to water heaters need replacing eventually. Paint is needed every few years. New energy efficient appliances roll out and can be boons for seniors … [Read more...]

Flexhouse: Building A Home To Prepare For Aging In Place

Editor's Note: The Flexhouse is a project we're excited to highlight for you, from a seasoned designer that wanted to create a home that showcased the features that would help people as they grew older. We hope you enjoy learning about this beautiful home. In graduate school, while specializing in sustainable architecture, my elderly parents began to have physical … [Read more...]

Universal Design Remodeling for the Whole House: Mark Scott

This is showcase is for a whole house Universal Design remodeling project. Bob and Robin needed a home with enough property to raise Robin’s horses and to accommodate Bob’s wheelchair. They found the perfect plot of land, however the 1940s era home was inaccessible to the wheelchair. Doorways and hallways were narrow, corners were sharp, bathrooms were tiny, and the … [Read more...]

Zero-Threshold Shower – Lompoc, CA: New Life Bath & Kitchen

At New Life Bath & Kitchen, we work closely with our clients to align design with functionality. This bathroom remodeling project in Lompoc, CA was for a senior client with mobility issues that needed an alternative bathing option. They chose a zero-threshold shower for easy access and safety. They never knew how stunning it would make their bathroom look. The … [Read more...]

7 Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

So what’s all the fuss about the popular products for seniors known as “the walk-in tubs?” We’ve all seen the advertisements on TV and in magazines, but what are the real benefits of a walk in tub? Does it meet your needs, or fit into your lifestyle? Ultimately, most people want to know if it is a worthwhile investment. To find out if a walk in tub is right for you, … [Read more...]