Automatic Stair Lighting

Automatic stair lighting is one way to use automation to increase home safety. Stairs are one of the most dangerous places in a home for an older person aging in place. Which is why we’re big believers in living on one floor. But, stairs are a reality and making them safe for everyone is a prudent choice.

In most of the new systems, LED lighting is used. These lights can take many forms, including light strips under each stair or small lights projecting across each step (as seen in the video below). Of course, you can integrate existing stair lighting into your home automation system, so they can be controlled and work automatically.

How automatic stair lighting works

The automatic stair lighting senses someone at the top or bottom of the stairs, which signals the lights to come on for a predetermined amount of time. This amount of time is programmed into the system and can be changed by the home owner. There also is a rocker switch that allows you to turn all the lights on at once, if you prefer.


Automatic lighting can work everywhere

One thing to note, this type of automatic lighting can be used throughout your home; not just stairs. You could create “follow me” functionality with your lights in your home automation system to light the path at night to the bathroom, across thresholds or other places.

For those that are not quite ready to bite of a home automation project, there are other options available. For instance, there are other automatic lighting products, such as PathLights®, which are easily installed in the home.


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