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In today's world, caregiving is the new reality for more people than ever before.

If you need information on caregiving, and how to provide care for elderly parents or spouses better, this section is for you.

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A Holiday Faux Pas With Older Parents

Another holiday faux pas—using family time to tell an aging parent that maybe they ought to give up their car keys. Want a real downer? Start talking to a senior about driving and maybe even getting rid of their car. Here’s a stocking stuffer ... just hide their keys and say later that fate intervened, and this is a sign that their driving days should come to an … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Make Mom’s Move A Breeze

Mom's move can be a daunting task. Whether it's downsizing to make independent living easier, or transitioning to an assisted living facility, you have a crucial role to play. The more you help with planning, logistics and emotional support, the more comfortable the move becomes. Here are seven practical steps you can take to make moving day stress-free. De-clutter … [Read more...]

The Right to Make Bad Decisions

The voice on the other end sounded desperate. "I love my kids, but they're trying to take over my life! Help!" As mediators with a specialty in mediating adult family communication, my partner and I get a lot of calls about aging parents and their kids. More often it's a son or daughter calling. But regardless of who starts the conversation, it's almost always the same … [Read more...]

How to Work with Siblings to Care for an Aging Parent

  Can’t we all just get along? If you’re having trouble working with siblings to care for an aging parent, you may be asking yourself this question. Caring for an elderly parent alone can be complex enough without having to arrive at medical, financial, and practical decisions as a team – especially if you struggle to agree on the simpler decisions of life. If you’re … [Read more...]

A Wake Up Call for Boomers? This Really Got Me Thinking.

  So many Boomers have transitioned into a time in their lives when they add to their repertoire of experiences the role of caregiver. I think often this time brings on an awakening of sorts; where yet another set of blinders are peeled back and one begins to come to terms with not only the fact that our parents really do grow older, but so do we. Now, every so … [Read more...]