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In today's world, caregiving is the new reality for more people than ever before.

If you need information on caregiving, and how to provide care for elderly parents or spouses better, this section is for you.

Learn more about caregiving, through topics ranging from legal matters, to balancing your work and life.

26 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holidays

  Yes, you read that right ... 26 gift ideas. The holidays are here, and while you are busy checking things off your list, maybe you paused because you just don’t know what to buy for that special older person in your life. Particularly because he /she says they don't need anything. You need gift ideas ... maybe pretty fast if you have to ship them. Well forget the … [Read more...]

Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed – Elder Abuse on the BBC

  If you have not seen the Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed Panorama documentary on the BBC, be warned. It shows elder abuse and neglect, contains strong language and commentary about these terrible acts in caregiving situations. I've heard and read many comments about this piece, ranging from people thinking it was done to sensationalize the problem to it … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Rampant & It Needs To Be Stopped

  Most people know that elder abuse happens; I did. I knew it was a pretty common thing, too. It's nearly an epidemic and  I'm looking for input on what to do. You see, I do a lot of research about all kinds of topics related to aging. I read through a large number of news items and articles every day. A while back, I started keeping an eye on the number of times I saw … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Aging Parents Tips from Joan Lunden

  These taking care of aging parents tips are from someone who has been there, done that and are doing it again. That would be Joan Lunden, speaking at the Washington Post Live's Caregiving in America. She offers tips from her experience caring for her 94 year-old mother and insight on being proactive about talking with your parents or relatives about end of life … [Read more...]

Family Caregiver Training Online

  Reading up on some family caregiver information I found an interesting course overview for professional training at the AGID Project It has a specific focus on aging care for those with intellectual disabilities, but it got me thinking about what family caregiver training might be available for the average person with no experience that is thrust into a caregiving … [Read more...]