Parent Care Solutions Address Seniors Living Alone at Home

  WALNUT CREEK, CA - August 21, 2014 A survey of seniors over 65 years living alone revealed that 21-23% stated their health care is only part of the quality care solution. Mark Hager, Founder and Denise Yarmlak, Director of Marketing based in Walnut Creek, discussed several current family issues and how this generation is coping with the … [Read more...]

Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed – Elder Abuse on the BBC

  If you have not seen the Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed Panorama documentary on the BBC, be warned. It shows elder abuse and neglect, contains strong language and commentary about these terrible acts in caregiving situations. I've heard and read many comments about this piece, ranging from people thinking it was done to sensationalize the problem to it … [Read more...]

What is Long Term Care?

  Long term care is a term used to describe the range of assistance a person might need to receive and can include medical care, custodial care or other services. This might be needed as a result of any long-term condition (i.e. stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.), an illness or the decline in a person's physical capabilities due to aging. Although there is … [Read more...]

Elderly Parents Get Financial Assistance … From Their Adult Children

It would be interesting to see some statistics for the United States. What about you? Do you have parents aging in place or in a managed care environment that you are contributing financially to? Post a comment below and let us know. Here's an interesting article from Your Money about the financial impact being felt by some 1.7 million adult children in Britain assisting … [Read more...]

Caregivers: There is a “U” in Caregiving.

I know if you read this elderly caregiver article over at the New York Times and you are caring for an elderly parent or loved one, you're probably going to shake your head in agreement that all of it sounds good. You're going to secretly think, "Wouldn't it be nice...?" You might even tell a friend about it. I would like to propose this to you: In many cases, providing care … [Read more...]