Elderly Parents Get Financial Assistance … From Their Adult Children

It would be interesting to see some statistics for the United States. What about you? Do you have parents aging in place or in a managed care environment that you are contributing financially to? Post a comment below and let us know. Here's an interesting article from Your Money about the financial impact being felt by some 1.7 million adult children in Britain assisting … [Read more...]

Caregivers: There is a “U” in Caregiving.

I know if you read this elderly caregiver article over at the New York Times and you are caring for an elderly parent or loved one, you're probably going to shake your head in agreement that all of it sounds good. You're going to secretly think, "Wouldn't it be nice...?" You might even tell a friend about it. I would like to propose this to you: In many cases, providing care … [Read more...]

When to Have the Money Talk With Your Parents

Too often, adult children have no idea of the state their parents financial affairs are in and parents aren't usually prone to disclosing this type of information without some discussion. We've covered the difficulties of talking to elderly parents about money before, but it bears mentioning again. Talking openly with your parents before they are in a serious economic situation … [Read more...]