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As I See It by Leonard Baer, Esq.

Leonard Baer, Esq. - Elder law attorneyA regular column discussing elder fraud, elder law and estate planning. By Leonard Baer, Esq., an elder law and estate attorney specializing in elder fraud prevention and abuse.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Shake, Rattle, and Roll is the title of the Bill Haley hit from the fifties, but it could be so much more. It could also be a tactic to fend off an attack or even, to save your life. Recently, I assisted in teaching a class of twenty-eight women on self-defense. We taught the women some tactics to use if and when that dreaded moment arises. They learned some helpful tips if … [Read more...]

Still Waiting for the Happy New Year

It seems, this year, that we have heard nothing but bad news. So, with that being said, I’m feeling pretty sad. The holidays have arrived, a time when everyone should be appreciating the fun, the family, and the ridiculous sweaters. I’ve tried to be happy, but a few weeks ago a train in Washington state ran off the tracks, fires still rage in California, we’ve lost people … [Read more...]

Am I Too Old to Be “#MeToo”?

One of my dearest clients was in my office last week to discuss some financial planning, and as we began, she started crying. She had recently read one of my blogs and she’d also take one of my self defense courses. As I pushed the tissue box towards her, I asked her in a muted voice, “what happened?” Slowly, she began to recover. She told me that upon finishing my … [Read more...]

No Phishing for Christmas

This time of year, we’re all busy getting prepared for the holidays by shopping, watching Hallmark movies, waiting for snow, and watching more Hallmark movies. Then, there is the Grinch literally trying to steal Christmas from under our trees. This year, the Grinch will be played by any one of the people “phishing” on the internet. No, I’m not talking about the fantasy … [Read more...]

Open Enrollment or an Open Door?

Recently, my clients have been calling for help. They are getting a lot of phone calls and mail about their Medicare and supplemental insurance. One client told me she had been asked to give her personal information over the phone. She said she had been speaking to “a very nice young man” who was selling her an insurance policy that would guarantee the premium until death. … [Read more...]