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Leonard Baer is an elder law and estate attorney with offices in the Highlands, NC and Wellington, FL. His specialty is the prevention of elder abuse, particularly those who are victim to fraud. Visit his website

No Phishing for Christmas

This time of year, we’re all busy getting prepared for the holidays by shopping, watching Hallmark movies, waiting for snow, and watching more Hallmark movies. Then, there is the Grinch literally trying to steal Christmas from under our trees. This year, the Grinch will be played by any one of the people “phishing” on the internet. No, I’m not talking about the fantasy … [Read more...]

Open Enrollment or an Open Door?

Recently, my clients have been calling for help. They are getting a lot of phone calls and mail about their Medicare and supplemental insurance. One client told me she had been asked to give her personal information over the phone. She said she had been speaking to “a very nice young man” who was selling her an insurance policy that would guarantee the premium until death. … [Read more...]

The Toughest Guy In The House

I love old movies, especially old Westerns. I love the tough guys – not the actor who plays the tough guy on screen, but the actual tough guys. Lee Marvin, with the gravelly voice, sustained an injury during World War II, or Charles Bronson’s icy stare, also a veteran of World War II; now those were tough guys! I’ve had a long running quest in my head to find the toughest … [Read more...]

Like a Fox Guarding the Hen House

This can’t be happening. Now, there is now another way for my clients to lose their money and their identities and it isn’t even because of some fraudster. No, this time, the “perp” is a legitimate business failing miserably to protect its “people”. I’m speaking, of course, about the Equifax breach. For 35 years, I’ve seen a lot of scams out there; people trying to sucker … [Read more...]

When TV Dinners Were High-Tech

Recently, a favorite client of mine came into my office filled with rage. Over what, you might ask? She just yelled, pointed her finger, and made the usual gestures for 10 minutes…over a parking space! When I asked why, she responded “just because.” Wow, is this the new “normal” conversation for 2017? My 75-year old client was red-faced, hair all mussed - and looking like, … [Read more...]