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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Shake, Rattle, and Roll is the title of the Bill Haley hit from the fifties, but it could be so much more. It could also be a tactic to fend off an attack or even, to save your life.


Recently, I assisted in teaching a class of twenty-eight women on self-defense. We taught the women some tactics to use if and when that dreaded moment arises. They learned some helpful tips if something goes awry in a parking lot or if they’re just strolling down the street.

The women came for two reasons; a simple interest or they had a personal story of being harassed. Many of them had been targeted by someone who thought they were easy prey.

I have been involved in martial arts for many years, and have been fascinated by the philosophy of defense. There is a calmness that takes over before the mind and body work towards the flight or fight response.

The women we were teaching came to the class with a great spirit and an eagerness to learn. At the end of the class, I sat down to take some notes and it dawned on me that self-defense should stick to the K.I.S.S. method. No, not the rock band, but “keep it simple, stupid”.

While thinking about keeping things simple, I heard Bill Haley’s song, and it hit me. The essence of defending yourself is shake, rattle, and roll:

Shake – Yell and scream and move around as much as possible to distract your attacker. If you carry a noise maker of any kind, let it blare. Don’t yell help, yell rape, as this will get someone’s attention.

Rattle – A woman always has something to rattle. Whether it’s your keys, the stuff in your purse, or even a cane can be a pretty handy weapon. Swing it, strike the perp, or even throw something. The point is to catch them off guard.

Roll – Get out of there. Run, walk, do whatever you can to get away, as quickly as possible. Make your way toward a crowd or populated area.

The method may not be as attractive as Wonder Woman punching someone’s lights out, but it works. The song may be an oldie but a goodie, but the message is still clear.

Take my opinion for what it is… it’s just, AS I SEE IT!

Personal note: I would like to hear your stories. I want to be better able to teach my students and prepare them for a world that is in chaos. Please email them to me at [email protected]


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