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Home Safety

Home safety is an important consideration for those aging in place. In a given year, more seniors die from accidental injuries than those younger. Of course, falls are the largest contributor to elderly injuries than anything else, which is why we’ve devoted an entire section to fall prevention.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in a given year almost a million elderly people are treated for injuries from using products they own. According to statistics, the accidental death rate for those 65 and older is three times that of a younger person. This is why home safety is so important.

Home Safety Tips

Elderly home safety - elderly

These home safety tips can help you or a loved one stay at home longer and; help you evaluate your home for possible safety issues. Also, as injuries from fire and elderly falls are a very real concern for seniors, so make sure you see the upcoming information on elderly fire safety and fall safety.

We’re creating a room-by-room home safety tips resource for aging in place, including general home safety, kitchen safety, bathroom safety and more.

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