Mark Hager on HSN Connected Life with Brett Chukerman - Aging in Place

Mark Hager on HSN Connected Life with Brett Chukerman

Mark Hager, Founder of was invited to be a guest expert on the Connected Life show on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).


In this two-hour segment, Mark talked about the idea of aging in place with host Brett Chukerman. With a focus on how people can begin preparing their lives and homes for the future.

We applaud the team at HSN for their desire to bring actionable information to their viewers that can help the keep building their best lives. According to Mr. Hager, “The folks at HSN were friendly, professional and committed to creating a top-notch show. They also were extremely interested in the concept of aging in place and how it can positively impact the lives of the people they serve.

Connected Life videos

These are the videos from the Connected Life show. The first three are the recordings of the live show (the segments Mark was part of).

The remaining are snippets that were filmed covering some ideas people can use who wish to age in place (as well as some other topics). Enjoy!










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Mark Hager is an aging in place thought leader and advocate. He is the founder of, CEO of Age in Place Networks, a leading authority in the aging in place niche and a trusted voice for both consumers and business owners serving older consumers. Over the years, Mark has provided help for thousands of consumers, organizations and small businesses.

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