Home Security Systems - Home Automation for Aging in Place

Home Security Systems

It seems natural that home security systems would be integrated into home automation, since many of the systems needed to control and monitor security are already part of an automation system.

There are many benefits to making home security part of your home network, including you being able to monitor your home from your phone, tablet or computer while you are not there and being able to setup scenarios you would like the system to execute at certain times or when you tell it to (such as ‘going to bed’ mode, where everything is locked up, security cameras are recording, alarms are armed and more).

Home security systems

Aging in place home automation - home security systems

Home Security Systems

Home security systems can include a wide variety of technologies to protect your home and provide many benefits to those living there.

Home security systems can include:

  • Video monitoring, including night vision, inside and out of the home
  • Fire, smoke, carbon monoxide alarms
  • Intrusion detection
  • Water detection
  • Automated door locks and keyless locks
  • Swipe card, proximity keys or biometric locks
  • Remote viewing of security camera feeds
  • Remote system monitoring & administration

When coupled with home automation systems

  • Turning on all lights when an intruder is detected
  • Turning off air/heat if fire is detected
  • Unlock door for visitor from a remote location & turn on lights
  • Restrict access to certain areas of the home when you aren’t present
  • Visual notification on TV or iPad when the doorbell rings & a camera feed of the front door