Nucleus Interview With Jonathan Frankel, Founder and CEO - SRL #9

Nucleus Interview With Jonathan Frankel, Founder and CEO


Mark Hager talks with Jonathan Frankel, the Founder & CEO of Nucleus – a startup on a mission to redefine the home intercom system . They are making keeping in contact with & caring for your family, easier.

They have created a home intercom technology that uses audio and video chat. It makes talking to someone in another room easy, and also allows you to talk with people across the world.

This helps you keep in contact with (or check in on) family and friends anywhere on the planet. It is great for busy families, no matter where you are. All it takes is the Nucleus units and an Internet connection.

Jonathan started the company with the idea that a quality home intercom system should cost thousands of dollars. And, that being able to talk family could be easier and more enjoyable than just using a phone.

What the team has created is a very easy-to-use way for you to talk with (and care for) the people in your life that matter most.

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In this episode

  • About the product
  • Why Nucleus is great for families.
  • How it can help you care for older loved ones.
  • Much more

Nucleus video

More about Jonathan Frankel & Nucleus

NucleusIf you would like to learn more about Nucleus, you can visit their website.


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