Nucleus Interview With Jonathan Frankel, Founder and CEO

Mark Hager talks with Jonathan Frankel, the Founder & CEO of Nucleus – a startup on a mission to redefine the home intercom system . They are making keeping in contact with & caring for your family, easier. They have created a home intercom technology that uses audio and video chat. It makes talking to someone in another room easy, and also allows you to talk with … [Read more...]

Intel Seeks to Revolutionize Care and Hospitalization Prevention for Elderly

Who better to spearheading the research and development for preventative and support healthcare technology for those aging in place? The computer chip manufacturing giant Intel is hyper-focused on how, "... to use personal health technologies to care for people." This isn't new, of course. Intel has had R&D going on in this arena for years. However, with the wave of Baby … [Read more...]