Men’s Health Over 65. Let’s Make It Good.

  Men's health is a sticky situation. Women often are the health decision makers in the family and are more likely to go to the doctor than men. Women also have a longer life expectancy than men. Although there doesn’t seem to be an exact explanation for this, it is believed by some that many men put their health last. Careers, family, retirement plans and even personal … [Read more...]

Elderly Stroke Prevention

We know that strokes can cause permanent damage and even death. But, did you know that the the elderly are at higher risk than any other age group? According to the Stanford School of Medicine Stroke Center, two-thirds of all stroke victims are elderly. Many of us know the general information about the cause of stroke, but there are things that could put you at higher risk … [Read more...]

Vibration May Reduce Risk of Falling for Seniors

Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australian may have found a way to reduce falls for older people. Sven Rees, a PhD student at the University, said that standing on a platform that vibrates for ten minutes or less could help seniors keep their balance better and reduce falls. The group has been looking at ways to improve physical function and state that … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression and Suicide : Alert

Suicide is always an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but the truth is, it is occurring more in more in those that are coming into retirement or aging in place. A report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in April of this year states that the elderly suicide rate is higher than any other age group. According to medical sources depression is often the … [Read more...]

Age in Place Safety – Heat Poses Threat to Elderly

Summer is in full swing in many areas of the country. Make sure you take special care of your elderly loved ones, especially those who might be living alone. This article has some great information about keeping those aging in place safe from the heat, including a great checklist of things to do or keep in mind. Read More: Soaring temperatures pose threat to kids, elderly … [Read more...]