Elderly Holidays - Senior Holiday Tips, Safety & Fun

Elderly Holidays - Senior Holiday Tips, Safety & Fun

Ideas & articles for elderly holidays. Tips to help you make sure your senior & loved ones are safe & happy during the holidays.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Elderly Family Or Friends

There are only a few more days to pick up those last minute Christmas gifts for elderly family members. It can be tough buying gifts for people who seem to have everything or have little need for unnecessary things. So, if you're still in search of a meaningful gift, here are a few suggestions in no particular order. Christmas gifts for elderly family or friends Smart … [Read more...]

Giving A Senior Cell Phone For Christmas

A senior cell phone for Christmas could be the perfect gift for one of your parents or a family friend this year. If you are like me, figuring out what you're going to get your mom, dad or senior friend for Christmas can be tough. They either have or don't need most of the things I think of. Good, thoughtful gift ideas are sometimes hard to come … [Read more...]

Holiday Survival Tips for Caregivers

advertisement These holiday survival tips can help you during your busy time of the season. We know that providing care for someone else, regardless if it is full-time or occasionally, can really tap a person's energy. It can create an incredible amount of stress for a caregiver and keep you from enjoying yourself during the holiday season. Your job as a caregiver is … [Read more...]

Holiday Spending Tips for Everyone

It's no surprise that the Internet is brewing with tips and commentary about spending during the holidays; they are popping up like apples in a barrel. One in particular that comes to mind is from Jennifer Openshaw over at MarketWatch. Her common sense tips for managing your money over the holidays are some of most reasonable I've seen. Given the financial situation so many … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression and Suicide : Alert

Suicide is always an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but the truth is, it is occurring more in more in those that are coming into retirement or aging in place. A report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in April of this year states that the elderly suicide rate is higher than any other age group. According to medical sources depression is often the … [Read more...]