Holiday Spending Tips for Everyone

It's no surprise that the Internet is brewing with tips and commentary about spending during the holidays; they are popping up like apples in a barrel. One in particular that comes to mind is from Jennifer Openshaw over at MarketWatch. Her common sense tips for managing your money over the holidays are some of most reasonable I've seen. Given the financial situation so many … [Read more...]

Website Helps You Manage Your Medication

Destination RX is a website that helps you manage your drug costs and puts the information about your medications within easy reach. The site is free and provides tools that are easy-to-use. The goal of the site is to assist you in safely and securely managing your medications and help you make informed prescription decisions. After registering and using the tools available, … [Read more...]

Help for Making the Right Prescription Drug Plan Choice

Did you know that if you are on Medicare you are eligible for prescription coverage no matter what your health situation or how much money you have? What about those who are a very limited income? Did you know you could qualify for extra assistance with your prescriptions. These are just a few of the helpful tidbits and tools you will find on the Medicare Prescription Drug … [Read more...]

Saving Money in Our Current Economy

Many baby boomers and seniors are cutting back in order to make ends meet during these lean times we seem to be in. We all want to be able to make the most of our money, but we encourage you to take a good look at where you are spending your income so you can make educated cutbacks. Reports are all over about how many older Americans are having to make sacrifices in areas of … [Read more...]

Saving More Important Than Ever

A study by the AARP released last week reveals the impact this economy is having on Baby Boomers.  A high percentage of individuals have changed the way they invest their money because of these turbulent economic times.  Many are dipping into their retirement accounts or have stopped depositing money in their IRA in order to meet their monthly bills. This can jeopardize their … [Read more...]