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What Home Automation Can Do for You


There also are other, more enjoyable aspects to home automation. For instance, controlling your home theater system, controlling appliances connected to the system, having music follow you from room to room; the list goes on.

One of the biggest benefits of a home automation system is senior safety. Of course, this includes alarms if someone breaks a window or opens a door when they should not. It also can include video of the outside of the house, CO2/Radon gas monitoring, fire alarms, medication monitoring and reminders, making sure a person gets out of bed or opens the refrigerator, and more. From basic home safety and security, to event, audio and video monitoring, these systems can help older people remain safe in their homes.

Of course, there are other benefits, such as saving money on electricity with an automated thermostat (and being able to adjust the thermostat from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet), convenience of being able to turn lights on or off (or appliances) from anywhere in the house, phone call monitoring and management, video conferencing, visual weather alerts and even opening and closing shades or curtains. The possibilities are endless.

Home automation can help seniors with daily tasks

What home automation can do for you

What home automation can do for you

This technology can provide the majority of people with basic automation. Everything from automatically turning on lights in specific situations to opening drapes to controlling home temperature. However, there are things that are specific to aging that it can help with as a person’s capabilities decline. Some of those include:

We all forget things from time to time and, as we grow older, many people experience this to a greater degree. This ‘forgetfulness’ can lead to serious safety issues, which is why having a good way to remember and/or remind seniors about important things is crucial.

  • Leaving on a coffee pot or stove
  • Medication reminders
  • Exterior or interior doors being left open and automatic door locks.
  • Medication monitoring?

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) : Simply, an emergency button that immediately notifies family, friends or authorities of an emergency.

Eyesight & Hearing : Audible and visual alarms on doors, doorbell, fire or smoke detectors or appliances.

Fall monitoring : We’ve already mentioned that falls cause more senior injuries and pose a great danger in the home.

Temperature : Control the home temperature. Alarms/notification if temp ranges or settings are changed

Video monitoring : For security & safety, the inside and outside of the home can be monitored, including remote viewing.

All of these things and more can be assisted or enhanced with home automation. The possibilities are endless.


Home automation is not a replacement for care that may be needed by an individual. However, it can supplement the care or tools already in use. For family caregivers, this can add an additional layer of protection for their loved ones and help provide more peace of mind.

If you are a home automation specialist and have experience in creating and installing systems for aging in place, we would like to talk with you. Drop us a note & we’ll schedule a call..