Samsung Galaxy S4 – Is This a Senior Cellphone?

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a superstar among Android phones. It is fast, powerful and has amazing graphics. In all of the senior cellphones we've covered, we've never delved into smartphones of this caliber. Mainly, because many of them are so complicated. So, we're looking at the Galaxy S4 in a different way: Is it a gadget seniors would want to use? We think many … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phone – Doro Handle Easy 330

The Doro Handle Easy 330 GSM is an easy-to-use senior cell phone. It was designed with simplicity in mind, which is compatible with the concept of aging in place. And, it allows the user to focus on using it for it's intended purpose: phone calls. That's not to say that this phone lacks features. Just the opposite, it is chock-full of features that matter to older users. The … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phones – Jitterbug J

Imagine you or your loved one who is aging in place being able to manage and schedule multiple appointments. Or feeling ill and having an RN at your fingertips anytime of the day. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that there is assistance on the other end of the line no matter what time of day. That is what Jitterbug customers can experience. Jitterbug released the Jitterbug … [Read more...]

New Cell Phone Designs for Seniors

As we had shown in a previous article on senior cell phones, there are some great cell phones out there for older people. The ones in this article are not reality yet (they are concept phones), but we hope to see them (and others like them) very soon. More Senior Cell Phones : Jitterbug Plus | Just5 J510 | Doro & SnapFon | Full list of phones The FIT … [Read more...]