Senior Cell Phones – Jitterbug J

Imagine you or your loved one who is aging in place being able to manage and schedule multiple appointments. Or feeling ill and having an RN at your fingertips anytime of the day. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that there is assistance on the other end of the line no matter what time of day. That is what Jitterbug customers can experience. Jitterbug released the Jitterbug … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phones – Jitterbug Dial

The Jitterbug Dial is causing quite a stir in the cell phone market. Specifically designed for seniors, this phone features a large display, back-lit and bright easy to see buttons, full keypad for dialing, simple “Yes” and “No” action buttons, quick operator button (Press “0" to reach a live Jitterbug operator), onscreen help and large text. It also offers a personal phone … [Read more...]