Ask The Grandkids

I had an interesting client this week… We spoke about issues concerning her estate planning, and after our appointment, she proudly displayed her brand-new cell phone to show she was ‘hip’ to technology. (“Hip” is a word used during days of Elvis—meaning we’re cool – apparently, it’s making a comeback, but I digress). In any event, she was now ready to enter the new … [Read more...]

Jitterbug Touch 2

advertisement The Jitterbug Touch 2, the latest senior cell phone from GreatCall, is packed full of features and services that will appeal to older adults wanting a smartphone, but not all the bells and whistles. This new senior cell phone from Jitterbug is a welcome addition to their growing family of phones. It has a lot of great options for a simple cell phone that is … [Read more...]

Jitterbug Plus

The Jitterbug Plus is another contender in the senior cell phone arena and follows in the footsteps of the other Jitterbug cell phones. Some of the features this phone has include a bright color screen that shows the large numbers well, back-lit keypad with big buttons, crisp on-screen graphics, amplified speaker with clear sound, easy navigation & live customer support … [Read more...]

Cell Phone for Seniors : Clarity Pal

Cell phone for seniors just got a little more exciting with the Clarity Pal. This is one of several new hearing aid compatible phones for the elderly and it has a host of features that are sure to please. The Clarity Pal cell phone Seniors now have more choices when it comes to cell phones. Many include the features that they really want and need, such as Doro cell phone … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phones – Just5 Simple Features

Senior cell phones are becoming more popular. Seniors and elderly folk are warming up more to these cell phones as their choices as to the phones available grow. One of these choices is the Just5 and it is a simple and affordable cell phone for seniors by design. Introducing the Just5 Just5 was designed specifically for seniors, or people with hearing or eyesight problems. … [Read more...]