Ask The Grandkids

I had an interesting client this week… We spoke about issues concerning her estate planning, and after our appointment, she proudly displayed her brand-new cell phone to show she was ‘hip’ to technology. (“Hip” is a word used during days of Elvis—meaning we’re cool – apparently, it’s making a comeback, but I digress). In any event, she was now ready to enter the new … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phones – Samsung C3060R

Samsung has done something few other companies have done: they created a senior cell phone that looks like a standard cell phone. The Samsung C3060R, with it's sleek and slim design, has large text that's easy to read, a simplified menu and large and large, illuminated rubber buttons. It also has an SOS key, FM radio and a camera. (Yes, a camera.) Cell Phone … [Read more...]

Senior Cell Phones – Snapfon ez One

The Snapfon ez ONE is a new contender in the senior cell phone market and was specifically designed for elderly people who need an easy-to-read (and use) cell phone. It is simple to operate and has a large text display (equivalent to 28 point font) for easy reading. It also has extra large keys, an emergency S.O.S. button, back-lit keypad and it fits in one's hand very … [Read more...]