Senior Cell Phones – Snapfon ez One

The Snapfon ez ONE is a new contender in the senior cell phone market and was specifically designed for elderly people who need an easy-to-read (and use) cell phone. It is simple to operate and has a large text display (equivalent to 28 point font) for easy reading. It also has extra large keys, an emergency S.O.S. button, back-lit keypad and it fits in one's hand very … [Read more...]

New Cell Phone Designs for Seniors

As we had shown in a previous article on senior cell phones, there are some great cell phones out there for older people. The ones in this article are not reality yet (they are concept phones), but we hope to see them (and others like them) very soon. More Senior Cell Phones : Jitterbug Plus | Just5 J510 | Doro & SnapFon | Full list of phones The FIT … [Read more...]

The Current Wave: Cell Phones for Seniors

  Cell phones are handy but many older people have trouble with them because they are hard to understand or hard to see. Here are a few cell phones for seniors that are neither. The Jitterbug (s) Senior Cell Phone The Jitterbug Dial (shown on left) is causing quite a stir in the cell phone market. specifically designed for seniors, this phone features a large display, … [Read more...]