Retirement Planning – 30 Questions You Should Ask To Plan For Your Future

Retirement planning doesn’t stop the day you retire. It continues as your life unfolds. As such, it’s important for you to talk with your adult children or other family members about what you want for your life now, and in the future.


It’s important for you, since it’s your life that you’re planning for. However, it’s also important for our nation. The fact is, the Baby Boomer generation is aging, and that will present a unique set of challenges for communities all across the country, due to the sheer number of Boomers. Your community needs you to plan.

And, let’s face it … there will be decisions that have to be made in the future, so doing good retirement planning is very important. You and your family will be presented with choices along the way, which can impact your life, lifestyle, health, and even care (should you need it).

This infographic, provided by Venture Medical and produced in conjunction with a gerontologist, highlights some of the topics you should discuss with your family as you plan for your future.

For regular readers of our site, you know we are big believers in proactively planning for your future. And, it’s never too late to start.

Retirement planning infographic

This infographic covers the following topics:

  • Living at home
  • Staying active and social
  • Managing finances
  • Driving and transportation
  • Living with adult children
  • Residential and assisted living

It’s full of good information, ideas, and some very clear direction about the things you should seriously think about as you are planning your own future.

Retirement planning infographic


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