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FireAvert Interview With Peter Thorpe – Smart Retirement Life


In this episode of Smart Retirement Life we are talking about FireAvert, a new product that helps protect your family and your home from fires. Mark Hager interviews Peter Thorpe, the Founder of FireAvert, and a career firefighter and paramedic.

FireAvert is an incredible product; you won’t believe how simple and effective it is!

Peter tells us all about the FireAvert product, including where the idea came from, a story about how it has helped an actual customer, a lot about their people and company, a surprising announcement from them about upcoming new products and much more!


I had a great time interviewing Peter and he was a lot of fun to talk with! (Make sure you’re paying attention around 2:25 … it is pretty funny.) Peter and his team have not only created an incredible product, but also an amazing company that is doing good for their customers every day.

I can only imagine how in the moment of need they have really come through for their customers. The story he tells about FireAvert keeping a home from burning down while the kids were at home alone was so inspiring.

FireAvert. Mark Hager interviews w/ Peter ThorpeI believe FireAvert is something each and every home needs. (I was not paid to say that; it is an ingenious product.) I think that it is a product that anyone could use, especially those that are creating the home environment they want during retirement. I personally cannot wait to get one.

And, speaking of things that are coming, that new products teaser he did sounds incredible! I expect to continue seeing some really great things from them.

More about FireAvert

If you would like to learn more about FireAvert, you can visit their website at I would also suggest you follow them on Twitter and visit their Facebook page. (Give them a Like while you’re there.)
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