Like a Fox Guarding the Hen House

This can’t be happening. Now, there is now another way for my clients to lose their money and their identities and it isn’t even because of some fraudster. No, this time, the “perp” is a legitimate business failing miserably to protect its “people”. I’m speaking, of course, about the Equifax breach. For 35 years, I’ve seen a lot of scams out there; people trying to sucker … [Read more...]

When TV Dinners Were High-Tech

Recently, a favorite client of mine came into my office filled with rage. Over what, you might ask? She just yelled, pointed her finger, and made the usual gestures for 10 minutes…over a parking space! When I asked why, she responded “just because.” Wow, is this the new “normal” conversation for 2017? My 75-year old client was red-faced, hair all mussed - and looking like, … [Read more...]


It’s been a long-time coming, but it came. I remember when I turned 50 and received an invitation to become a member of AARP. I hid the invitation. I didn’t want to go to that party. I was too young, still too full of myself. A senior? Forget it! Last week, while checking out of the supermarket, a 17-year-old bag boy with bluish-blond hair said rather proudly, “Old timer, … [Read more...]

Retraction, Reneging and Backtracking

A few months ago, I wrote a post advising that seniors don’t need to bring someone with them to a doctor’s appointment. I am dogged about keeping our independence as we age, but today, I am changing my mind… Since writing that post, I spoke to one of my clients who recently visited her doctor. She could not remember what he said or recommended. She got flummoxed and … [Read more...]

The IRS Is Calling: Is It For Real This Time?

There was a great line from the movie, Network … “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.” That line is very fitting for me because I am mad! A few months ago, I wrote an wrote an article  on IRS tax scams in which people are called and informed that they owe back taxes. I advised my clients to hang up the phone, because this is scam. Well, now they’ve … [Read more...]